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Interdisciplinary Graduate Emphasis in Language, Interaction, and Social

*** L I S O ***


The graduate emphasis in Language, Interaction, and Social Organization
provides a framework within which three distinct but related approaches to the
study of interaction and social organization can be brought together. These
three approaches are: the ethnographic study of naturally occurring
interaction; interactional functional linguistics, which studies the structure
of natural languages and the properties of language in use; and the study of
sequentially organized activities carried out through the medium of language.

All three approaches emphasize the importance of language use in concrete
situations as a fundamental resource for human action and social organization,
and they recognize the crucial role that close, detailed description of real-
time human activities plays in building a knowledge base adequate for the
scientific study of language, human interaction, and social organization.

The emphasis is intended to train students to work with audio and video
recordings of interaction so they can pursue problems in their particular
disciplines in a systematic, empirically grounded manner that addresses the
integrity of the embeddedness of particular events in their naturally
occurring contexts. A major purpose of the emphasis is to provide graduate
students in one department the opportunity to obtain cross-training in the
methods and concepts of other disciplines that take a different approach to
the same fundamental empirical subject matter.


The departments currently participating in the emphasis are Linguistics,
Sociology, and Education, all three of which have research and graduate
training commitments related to the emphasis.


Patricia M. Clancy (language acquisition, discourse, Japanese and Korean
Susanna Cumming (discourse, text linguistics, Western Austronesian languages)
John Du Bois (discourse, sociocultural linguistics, Mayan linguistics)
Sandra A. Thompson (discourse and grammar, language universals, Chinese


Gene Lerner (sequential organization of talk in interaction)
Thomas Wilson (emeritus) (social organization and interaction)
Don H. Zimmerman (interaction in institutional settings)


Jenny Cook-Gumperz (language socialization, language and literacy, narrative
Carol Dixon (reading research, constructing literacy in the classroom)
Richard Duran (bilingualism, instruction, socio-cognitive perspectives on
Judith Green (classroom discourse, social construction of knowledge and
John Gumperz (emeritus, UCB; visiting professor, UCSB) (discursive practices,
intercultural communication, sociolinguistic theory)
Reynaldo Macias (bilingualism, education psychology)


To be admitted to the emphasis, students must be admitted to the PhD program
in their home departments and petition to the LISO Coordinating Committee.
Students from departments other than Education, Linguistics, and Sociology are
also welcome to participate in LISO functions.


For a complete list of requirements and program information, students should
consult the LISO program guidelines, available from the LISO Coordinating
Committee or speak to a participating faculty member in Linguistics,
Education, or Sociology.


Sociology 208: Introduction to the Analysis of Recorded

Linguistics 274 / Education 274 / Sociology 274: Proseminar in
Language, Interaction, and Social Organization

Individual Research Project


Students will take a minimum of three courses selected from among
a wide range of elective options; one may be in the student's home
department, and two must be in some one of the other participating


Linguistics 214: Discourse
Linguistics 227: Language and Culture

Sociology 236: Analysis of Conversational Interaction
Sociology 236v: Video Study of Social Interaction

Education 270G: Discourse Analysis
Education 270XX: Biliteracy


For more information contact:

Gene Lerner
Department of Sociology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106