Re: decolonising anthropology

Kathi Kitner-Salazar (KITNER@LAW.UFL.EDU)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 10:17:06 EST

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Since you have caused quite an emotional and intellectual stir on
anthro-l, I would like to know who you are, other than the mere fact
that you apparently reside in Colorado. I mean, a big part of being
ethical is to state your biases, which can usually be covered by
telling where you came from.

The primary reason I ask you this is because of your habit of issuing
these one-sentence pronouncements, as if you feel to sit in judgement
of all others. If that is true, than we should be able to know who
is judging us, and what their qualifications are, moral, ethical,
intellectual, experiential, whatever.


Kathi R. Kitner

cc: anthro-l