Re: Colonialism as the big bang

Matthew S. Tomaso (tomaso@UTXVMS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU)
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 22:41:03 -0600

At 05:20 PM 2/7/95, Matthew Ervin wrote:

>I agree completely. The Assumptions you mention sound more like those of
>Sociologists than those we would associate with Anthropology.

>What happened to cultural relativity? The emic perspective? Objectivity?

well, you've witnessed the death of the emic perspective right here on this
list, recently. Cultural relativity apparently died with Boas. And haven't
you heard, we're all sociaologists now!

No, but seriously, I think these are important issues that have to do with
how we conceive of ourselves and others. I am all for decolonizing myself
and my project if it's at all possible, but I would appreciate a perspective
that does not reject the possibility of making sense out of the past. I
don't understand why Europeans feel that they must make themselves out to be
the first, the most intense and the only true colonizers.


Matt Tomaso
Department of Anthropology
University of Texas at Austin