Come to Finland for 3 months!

Pertti Alasuutari (sspeal@UTA.FI)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 11:58:13 +0200


At our Department of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of
Tampere, we could hire a visiting professor for three months this
year, preferably in the autumn. The professor should teach 3 courses,
for instance an introduction to sociology or anthropology, a course in
the main trends of social science, and a qualitative methods course.
The courses taught is negotiable. This would take place in the
International School of Social Sciences, which our department "serves"
by providing teaching. The students would come from undergraduate through
doctorate levels. The salary available means that we are looking for a young
doctor or a "mid-career" professor. We would pay for the flight to Finland,
and the visiting professor could live in one of the university guest
apartments. Those interested, please contact

Pertti Alasuutari (
snail mail:
University of Tampere
Dept. of Sociology and Social Psychology
P.O. Box 607
33101 Tampere