Re: >Decolonizing Anthropolo

Anthro Students (Anthro.Students@ANTHROPOLOGY.SU.EDU.AU)
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 20:08:44 -0500

Darren Worthy wrote,

> What I was trying to say in my original posting (albeit badly) was that I
>do not believe that anthropological and archaeological research should be
>governed from above as your proposals seem to show. The decision on>
>whether or not to continue in one of the countries mentioned above >should
>be up to the researcher in charge and not forced upon him. Of course
>many of us would end research in countries if the dangers got too bad but
>I do not believe that these decisions can be made for us and that is what
>I objected to in your original posting.

> Darren Worthy

Oh come now Darren, do you mean to tell me that you should be able to just
tromp all over the world dig up whateveryou please stick your camera in the
faces of anyone while jabbering at them with a taperecorder. Wouldn't
anything else be an assault upon your freedom? What is the cost of your
freedom? and who does it benefit?


John Cook