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I am the media specialist for Zuni High School on the Zuni Indian
Reservation in
New Mexico, USA. I am looking for a reference for one of my teachers who is
working with students on a publication about the use of native materials.
reference came from unpublished notes on native plant use written by Dr.
Ford (University of Michigan) and his students in the 1960-70's (?).

The reference is: The Story of a Long Time Ago at Acoma by Elizabeth
DeHuff published (?) in 1921. For research purposes pages 139 to 150 are
needed. It would be helpful to look at the entire book or manuscript. I
tried interlibrary loan, the public library at Laguna/Acoma, various
whose catalogs are available on line, and the Southwest special collections
the University of New Mexico. The author has other published works and
this work may be unpublished or part of a p
ublished work.

I would appreciate any help in locating this book. I can be reached by
at or by telephone 505.782.5866 or fax
505.782.5551.The address is Zuni High School, Attention Amy Nevitt, PO Box
Zuni, NM 87327.

Thank you. Amy Nevitt, Media Specialist, Zuni High School
Beth Posner
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