Re: intelligence

Marie E. Seitz (MarieEliz@AOL.COM)
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 07:47:42 -0500

On Monday Feb 6 Danny Yee wrote:
>I agree that 'intelligence' can be a relative term, but I don't see >where
'adaptability' is any less so. We have been talking about the
>relationship of behavioral complexity and its neural correlates in
>adaptation. If my skin darkens during the summer, its adapting to
>increased solar radiation, but it is not being controlled by my brain >and
is somewhat different than my learning that too much solar >radiation is
detrimental, and my taking any number of behavioral >paths to stay out of the
sun . Intelligence is a tough term, but we >simply have to sharpen our focus
and discussions.

Ok Danny, I understand where you're coming from. I am a physical
anthropologist grad student deeply rooted in evolutionary theory. What about
behavioral complexity that has evolved as a consequence of adaptation? I
missed the beginning of the thread and jumped in the middle. I only jumped in
because I find it interesting. Intelligence and adaptability are often used
interchangeably. Most likely anyone using the term needs to define its
boundaries for future clarification. Look forward to your comments!