Technology and Intelligence -Reply

James Barnes (Barnesj@SMTP.LMS.USACE.ARMY.MIL)
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 15:04:49 -0600

Mr. Graber, your point is, uh, well-made. Technology has been of
paramount importance in human evolution. However, I would point out
that hunting and gathering do require a degree of cooperation and
communication. Also, preventing a leopard from biting your head
becomes easier with a little help. And, we are not talking about the
monolithic march of a block of pre-humanity down the evolutionary path.
We are talking about differential reproduction _within_ a species which,
over a vast period of time, creates a new species. Take a look at the
changes in technology over that period of time. The changes are not
dramatic. (admittedly, we can only view an incomplete picture). I would
argue that enhanced social skills played some small role in the
differential survival and reproduction of some individuals over others
and thus, the development of "intelligence." Remember, over the time
periods we are talking about the differential does not have to be at all

And who says social problems are not practical problems?

And, expanding out of the tropics is irrelevant to evolution.

And, quite frankly, technology has been done to death. The implications
of intelligence on social organization and vice versa is far more

Jim Barnes