What is a "Community"?

John Mcreery (jlm@TWICS.COM)
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 08:56:53 JST

Dear fellow anthros,

The following request appeared on VIRTPSY, a list for people interested in
psychological aspects of virtual reality. Shall we see what we can come up


> Basically, a group I'm working with is interested in finding
> out more about "communities". How they are formed, become stronger,
> communicate, interact, what range of human needs various communities
> meet, and the range of communities that exist...In order to consider
> how they might be supported by innovative technologies. It's
> all pretty vague and long-term....
> One more specific interest is on totally online communities...
> like MUDs/MOOs...but also aol, Sierra Online, the WELL, Prodigy,
> bulletin boards, IRC, SeniorNet, etc...Is there some well-known way
> to categorize communities "in real life" that might be useful in
> categorizing the kinds of communities that exist online? Or the kinds
> of activities, social behaviors involved, or the kind of affiliation
> needs met, or....the kind of support they might need, or...something?

Might be more fun than arguing insupportable property rights. <g>

John McCreery