Re: AJPA info

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 09:08:45 -0500

>I,m looking for a way to find the American Journal of
>Physical Anthropology online (assuming this exists!).

Unfortunately this doesn't exist yet. It would be nice if Wiley-Liss would
at least offer the option of subscribing to a CDROM version!

>Also, any internet addresses that might be of interest
>to physical anthro's. I'm a student at the University
>of Toronto, and I'm trying to put together a list of
>online resources for our students' association.

Not too many yet, but you might start with the following:

Social Sciences Data Collection at UCSD:
The Anthropology WEBServer:
Auburn Sociology:
SAA Bulletin Gopher: gopher://
Oneida Nation WebSite:
ANTHRO-L Archives WEBSite:
NAGPRA Documents:
National Archaeological DataBase:

-- Doug Hanson