Re: Spread of AIDS

Christine Flaherty (cf28@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 12:10:31 -0500

Here are some numbers I've now memorized from numerous trips on the subway
down to NYU (these come from a poster on the evils of smoking,
sponsored by a coalition for a smoke-free city or somesuch, but the cited
sources seem to be more or less reliable, ie Centers for Disease Control

Deaths in the US (in 1993) due to:
Homicide: 31,000
Suicide: 33,000
AIDS: 32,000
Alcohol (including drunk driving):
Oh yes, and smoking and secondary smoking:

These are all +/- a little--my memory is not that great.

--Christine Flaherty

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Richard Spear wrote:

> The news yesterday reported that AIDS has become the leading cause of
> death among teenagers, exceeding accidents as the leading cause of death
> (I know how shocking this sounds - I'll try to get the cite as I'm
> working from memory and we all know how fallible that is!).
> On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Harriet Whitehead wrote:
> > Picking up on the "Spread of AIDS" thread: last chart I saw, AIDS was not
> > the leading cause of death anywhere, yet. For the US, heart disease and
> > the other usuals are still ahead of it by a lot. As to the origin of the