Social Sciences Data Collection at UCSD

Douglas B. Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 10:11:29 -800

Thought the members of the group would be interested text version
of the home page for the UCSD's Social Sciences Data Collection.
It can be reached at

-- Doug Hanson


[[SSDC The Social Sciences Data Collection at UCSD]]
> [Data Help] [SSDC Help] [Human Help]
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> The SSDC is a collection of large numeric datafiles as well as a set
> of computer programs that provide easy access to those datafiles
> through a menu interface. Although this version is still in
> development and data retrieval is not yet implemented, you are welcome
> to browse the catalog of study descriptions.
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> Keyword Search
> Search study descriptions and variables. [Search]
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> CATALOG of UCSD Data Holdings
> Subject Listing
> Census Enumerations
> Conflict, Aggression, Violence and Wars
> Economic Behavior and Attitudes
> Education
> Educational Packages and Computer Programs
> Health and Health Care
> Legislative and Deliberative Bodies
> Mass Political Behavior and Attitudes
> Public Opinion (Under Construction. Printed Sources Only...)
> Social Indicators
> Social Institutions and Behavior
> Title Listing
> Alphabetical Listing
> Special Collections
> Lijphart Election Archive
> National Center for Health Statistics
> ICPSR: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social
> Research
> Center for Research in Security Prices, University of Chicago
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Other Sources of Data and Information
> Data
> These are sources selected by SSDC staff as interesting sites
> that have numeric data that you can retrieve over The Internet.
> Searchable Catalogs of Data
> These are links to Data Libraries and Data Archives that have
> searchable online catalogs and lists of their holdings that allow
> you to search for data in their collections.
> Social Science Data Libraries and Data Archives
> These are links to Data Libraries and Data Archives at
> Universities and other sites in the US and other countries.
> Social Science Gateways
> These Gateways are excellent WWW and gopher sites that lead to a
> wealth of social science information of all kinds all over the
> world. Also included are selected links to sources of US
> Goverenment Information.
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