anthropology outside academe

Robert Simpson (Robert.Simpson@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 12:25:08 +0000

To members of anthro-l

What do you you know about the teaching of anthropology outside of

I am a member of the Anthropology Teaching and Learning Network
steering committee (UK). This has been set up in order to report on the
state of the art with regard to the teaching of anthropology in Britain.

One of the areas on which we are keen to collect information, views,
curricula etc is teaching that goes on outside of mainstream anthropology.
This constitutes an important tributary feeding people into the mainstream
and there is a feeling that this has grown considerably in recent years in
the UK with anthropology appearing in schools, evening classes, further
education colleges and access courses (that is, courses for mature
students wishing to enter higher education).

If you have experience of teaching or learning in any of these settings
(whether in the UK or beyond) and would be interested in sharing views,
written materials, further contacts etc. I would be extremely grateful. I
would be particularly interested to hear about developments in the
teaching of anthropology outside of academe in North America.

Bob Simpson BA PhD
Department of Anthropology
University of Durham
43 Old Elvet