Sources on Jain Cultural Values and Their Work

Sushil Oswal (oswal@KNUTH.MTSU.EDU)
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 20:53:49 -0600

I am planning to write an article on the Jain people, who are heavily
involved in bus9iness and industry. Since I do not have background in
Religion Studies but I do have practical knowledge of Jainism (my family
being the followers), I wonder if someone give me sources from where I
could draw my academic review of the literature in this field, that is,
Jainism and Its Values... then I could develop my argument based on
ethnographic data from Jain business families. The focus of the book
(where my chapter will be published) is on ecology and religion, and of
course, all anthro types know how sound ecologically Jains are (or are
supposed to be).

Please send detailed reply to my personal address:

Dr. Sushil Oswal