Re: Rutgers University

Wed, 1 Feb 1995 21:50:59 EST

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Sherwin, this is deeply distressing. I'm wearing a Douglass
ring right now. I have A.B. and A.M. degrees from that
university. The first day I was ever on campus was also the
day James Meredith was enroling at the University of Mississippi.
Students came marching by, wearing armbands and singing songs
I'd never heard before. I joined the parade. By the time we
finished crossing the campus, I'd learned the songs. I've
always said my years at Douglass were the ones that have been
teh most formative of my life. This is the school where the
student center across town on the Rutgers campus is named in
honour of Paul Robeson, one of Rutgers' most honoured graduates.

No, this is wrong. It's an inexplicable "slip of the tongue"
for the Douglass-Rutgers community I knew so well (which is
why I send that small alumnae cheque faithfully). Do, please
somebody, keep me posted on what happens next.

Thanks much,

Maureen Korp, D'66; GS'76