Job Announcement

Wed, 1 Feb 1995 17:57:51 -0400

The following job announcement will appear in the March AAA newsletter:

Holy Cross College, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, invites
applications for a poss. full-time, one-year replacement position in
cultural anthro to begin Sept. 1995. Small, thriving anthro program
includes a minor in anthro and a combined Soc/Anth major and offers
courses in gender, art, religion, medical anthro, visual anthro, SEAsia,
South America, ethnographic methods, theory, and a variety of seminars.
Seek candidates with PhD in hand by August 1995, strong ethnographic
research background and excellence in undergraduate teaching. All are
specializations except South America welcome; of particular interest are
teacher-scholars with interests in political or economic anthro or tran
transnational linkages and diaspora issues. Teaching load of 3 courses
per semester will include intro to cultural anthro, an area course, and
other topics courses. Holy Cross is a highly selective, Jesuit, liberal
arts college of 2700 students, an hour from Boston; dept. consists of
2 anthropologists and 7 sociologists all engaged in research and
committed to excellence in liberal arts education. Please send cover
letter, c.v., and names of references forwarded by March 31, 1995 to Chair,
Dept. of Soc and Anthro, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA 01610

P.S. We lobbied successfully for this to be a full time one year, rather
than a course by course replacement; so the position includes standard
benefits, generous travel money to conferences, secretarial support, etc.
If you have questions about the position you may respond, privately, to me.
If you would like to apply for the position--please send materials to the
Dept. Chair, as indicated above. I know it's only a one-year, but if
you're in Mass, Conn, RI you're probably less than an hour away and its a
good opening. Our students are smart, hardworking, and a bit too passive.
Anthro has served well to light a fire under many of them! And the reception
for our new anthro program from administration to students has been warm
and enthusiastic.

Chris Greenway