Re: Decolonizing anthropology

Bjorn Conrad Fry (bear@USNET.US.NET)
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 06:25:36 -0500

The ICE MAN was a relative!!! I demand compensation NOW!!!!


P.S. A percentage of all skilift proceeds would be nice for starters. ;-) BCF

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>> I'm not entirely sure what you are proposing here. Is it the abolution of
>> all field work in North American archaeology and anthropology?

Robert Johnson <johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU> wrote:
> No, only a moratorium to give Native Americans ownership and
> control over indigenous knowledge, sacred geography, ethnomedicine,
> artifacts, and veto over current and future scientific study.
> There must also be an extension of aboriginal copyright to oral,
> ethnomusical, and ritual traditions as well as ownership of the
> genetics of indigenous horticulture including their current and
> future commercial manipulation. Compensation must be determined for
> loss of cultural heritage through archaeological excavation.
> Royalties must be paid for financial gain based on anthropological
> fieldwork and publication. This is not an exhaustive list.