Mon, 28 Feb 1994 00:59:40 EST

An open note, which I hope will prompt a great deal of acrimonious debate
. . . since I am deadly serious about the topic.

What is wrong with the academic professions . . . particularly the social
sciences . . . particularly anthropology and sociology.

I encourage anyone to add to the following list.

1). A value on political correctness above qualifications, validity or
2). Acquiesence to illiteracy among their students.
3). Personal self interest and ego above collective well being
4). Over specialization and a lack of real knowledge in their
disciplinary subject knowledge
5) (an addendum to (4) . . . lack of general knowledge of the
philosophical underpinnings behind their discipline and a lack
of sufficient general knowledge to intellectually cross disciplinary
6) Irrelevant research foci
7) Political orientations
8) A tendency to specialize and proliferate beyond the boundaries of
functional sanity
9) A belief that our discipline discusses something that is real
10) Boredom
11) Fear
12) (an extension of (2) . . . acquiesence to illiteracy among ourselves)
13) Apathy

John O'Brien