Re: memes and youth violence

Eva M Armstrong (evarmst@EIS.CALSTATE.EDU)
Sat, 26 Feb 1994 14:33:44 -0800

I don't know how this is going to work since I pressed alot of buttons,
What about the kids with guns? I already had a response from someone who
thinks that it was a suicide by toxic poisoning of pesticides. Why not
pills? Even the autopsy didn't conclude anything. I doubt if she was
menstruating. She had conncer and had some sor t of medications. Thatt
usually renders it nil. Thanks for the respnse. Tho.

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From: Eva M Armstrong <evarmst@EIS.CALSTATE.EDU> >
> I want to know what all of you think about the current phenomenon
> of kids with guns and the violence around the world, especially
> with young people, meaning pubescent teenagers. What is happening
> to this workd? Any theories? I have some friends that believe
> it's alien forces and they're serious. There's a lady that died
> in Riverside and when she was rushed to the hospital, they were
> starting to operate on her, a Dr. and a few nurses fainted and
> were still hospitalized. Something about her blood. The whole
> emergency center was evacuated becasue of toxic fumes emanating
> from the woman's body. What's going on here? Any dialog?
> To: Seeker1:
> So could this be a new meme, alien forces and toxic fumes, i.e.
> humans (or aliens in human form) as pollution, not just
> polluters. Or is this just the synthesis and resurgence of two
> old memes, aliens and women as polluting? Was the woman in the
> hospital menstruating? What is going on here?
> Maybe a new slogan in the making: Give a hoot, Don't shoot, Don't
> pollute.