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Founded in 1987, the Journal of Ritual Studies is the only serial
publication dealing exclusively with ritual in all of its aspects. Our
interdisciplinary audience includes scholars from: anthropology, religious
studies, sociology, psychology, performance studies, ancient and early
modern history, area studies, philosophy, art, literature, dance, and music.

The Journal provides a forum for debate about ritual's role and meaning,
and seeks better definition for this rapidly growing field. We publish
articles about ritual in its various forms and contexts as well as
correspondence debating its interpretation. Articles feature a wide variety
of approaches to the study of ritual, as recent titles suggest:

"Loss and the Recovery of Ritual Self Among Hindu Images"
by Richard Davis

"The Ritual Body and the Dynamics of Ritual Power"
by Catherine Bell

"Ritual and the Symbolic Function: A Summary of Biogenetic Structural Theory"
by Charles D. Laughlin

Special issues have appeared on Ritual in Korea (3/2), Ritual and Power (4/2),
Art in Ritual Context (6/1), and Ritual and Sport (7/1).

We currently publish 500-800 word reviews of the better half of the fifty or
sixty books annually published on ritual in English. Recent review essays
have discussed the use and misuse of Turner's ideas (Don Handelman) and of
concepts of shamanism (David Holmberg).

The Journal is published twice annually.
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