Canadian attacks on Mohawks pending

Thu, 24 Feb 1994 09:11:00 EST

Subject: Canada Preparing to Attack Mohawk Nation

This is a cross-posted message by Ronald "Frosty" Deere
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Important Bulletin

There is an emergency meeting are taking place on all three Mohawk
territories as I type this message. These meetings are about an intended
RAID on all three territories by the Canadian Army, RCMP and Quebec SQ
Police in the next few days. The CBC News has reported that the RAID will
take place in St Regis, Oka and here in the next two days. The French
stations are reporting raids with 4,000 of the Army to hit St Regis, and
the RCMP and SQ to hit Oka and Kahnawake.
Word has it they intend to do house to house search for weapons,
drugs and cigarettes.
One thing that has come out and that is the Separatist Party is
pushing to shut down the reservations because it is a thorn in there side
for seperation.
On top of this they are reporting in all the papers that we are the
drug largest drug dealers in North America. I have to ask if we are, then
why are those using drugs in our village going to Montreal to pruchase
drugs ?
This is no JOKE...and I can say that from what I hear this will be
a deadly raid because there are many that will fight to the death to
protect the land.
If you don't hear from me in the next few days it is quite possible
they are planning to cut phone lines.
I guess what worries me the most is actions this will have across
Canada. And this will effect us as Mohawks live in Quebec in the future.
Is this how Canada plans to settle Native Land Claims and Rights ? Has it
come to using force and might is right ?

ATTACK IN THREE NEXT FEW DAYS......Please force poll this message out so
that the whole world is on alert to what Canada is planning and that
Mexico was nothing compared to what could happen if the do raid the three

This coming to from, The Eastern Door of The Great Longhouse.


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