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Wed, 23 Feb 1994 21:16:59 +0100

On Wed, 23 Feb 1994 15:00:57 -0500 (EST) PEIHUA@UCONNVM.BITNET forwarded:
+ I am asking you to send a business card to Craig Sherwood, a 7 year old
+ boy who is suffering from a brain tumor and has very little time to
+ live. Craig contacted the Children's Make-A-Wish Foundation, which
+ attempts to grant wishes of terminally ill children. He is eager to
+ get in the Guiness Book of World Records a the inficudual who collected
+ the largest number of business cards.
+ Please take a few minutes to forward your business card (and any you
+ can get from your fellow colleagues). Then send this letter to
+ 10 more people.

Despite the good intentions of such postings, I have to remind you
of the official 'Guinness'-declaration. Craig Sherwood is cured, at
least he will not die due to the tumor. It was never his wish, nor
that of his family, to come into the Guinness Book of World Records.
He himself, as well as his family, urgently declared to stop
sending the cards. Guinness will not accept this record anyway.
This is what 'Guinness' has wrote to me some months ago.


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