Mutual Self Help Housing

Wed, 23 Feb 1994 11:18:59 -0800

I would like references to any useful ethnographic publications
on cultural or social structural phenomena associated with
sweat equity or mutual self-help housing projects.

I am currently teaching an Ethnographic Field Methods class in
which the class becomes a research team of Anthropological
Consultants and the Burbank Housing Development Corporation
, a non-profit which is charged with creating low-cost and
affordable housing in Sonoma County, CA.

Students learn field methods by doing such things as, for
example, an owner-satisfaction survey to ascertain what
occupants of a project completed two years ago like/dislike
about their homes, or, as another example, depth interviews
with occupants of a project designed for the minimally self-
sufficient mentally ill to determine whether deficiencies in
the design of apartments account for an unusually high tenant
turnover in the project.....etc.etc.

Obviously, I would like to supplement the "hands on" experience
with some appropriate reading.
OOPS...a glitch...and...the last sentence in paragraph two
should read affordable housing in Sonoma County, CA becomes
a client. Students confer with Burbank staff and report
their findings in a staff conference at the end of the semester.