Seeking suggestions for rainforest computing

Mon, 21 Feb 1994 13:01:27 -0500

I am preparing for another field trip to the Amazon and would welcome
suggestions concerning workable solutions for computing under harsh conditions
(i.e., very high humidity, frequently unclean conditions, and no electrical
service). What I envision is a setup invovling a notebook computer, a portable
printer, solar panels, and plastic bags and silica gel (for protection against
humidity). Despite precautions I have had problems in the past with tape
cassettes and super 8 film cassettes (the humidity caused the tapes and film
to swell), and I am concerned that the same thing might happen with floppy

I would appreciate any tips on which equipment has worked well under similar
conditions, as well as information on the use of solar panels (and supply


--Thanks. Bill Vickers