Archives on ANTHAP

Fri, 18 Feb 1994 20:13:00 EST

ANTHAP, the Applied Anthropology Computer Network, maintains
public archives with information of interest to all
anthropologists. It contains a bibliography of anthropological
methods, methbib.txt, that may be of use to students.

Access to the archives can be had in the following manner:

1. Via gopher:
a) If you have gopher on your computer,
go to menu item /Applied Anthropology Computer

d) If you do not have gopher on your computer, telnet
to a public client gopher and look for
/North America/USA/Michigan/Oakland University/
Applied Anthropology Computer Network. If you
telnet to, a nearby public
client gopher at Michigan State University, you
will find the ANTHAP archives under /Help
Using Gopher/Other Gopher Servers/Other Gopher
Servers in Michigan/Oakland University/Applied
Anthropology Computer Network (ANTHAP)

2. Via FTP:
Go to directory /pub/anthap

The archives are maintained with file headings to make it
possible to download by FTP if you do not have gopher.