meme, metaphor, Wagner

Jessica Maloney (23jess@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU)
Thu, 17 Feb 1994 21:06:54 -0800

Hi Y'all,
I've been alurking on the current meme thread, coming in 1/2way into the
discussion *unfortunately* for I find myself now faced with the prospect of
writing an original research paper for a linguistics class here, and this whole memes thing, if I could get a handle on the
theory (instead of wading thru so much counter-theorizing crap), would be a
delectable item to expand upon, both as a new theory and as venue for
exploring the metatopic of net communication... maybe.
ANYWAY as I have arrived a bit late I will try to track down the theme..
my point is: I just found Roy Wagner's "Symbols that Stand for Themselves,"
the intro to which is either ignorant of or rebellious to linguistic
cognitive/symbolic theory. My question: is this guy for real, is he a
respected scholar, or did he just by fluke get published? Is this the way
linguistic anthro is heading, or is he an aberration?
Hope someone has read him. Foss?
Troop carriers
in advance,