The Eight Circuit Model

Sun, 13 Feb 1994 13:49:06 -0500

psychology, I think it only fair to provide this model for readers
unfamiliar with it; as I see it, it's an essential component to

Circut: Level of Reality, Drug Trigger, Function, LifeType, Dimension,
Description, Activities, IntelligenceType, Medium

1. BIO-SURVIVAL (autonomic) Inveterbrate, Opiates, Mother-Child Bonding,
Unicellular, Forward-Back, "Baby Brain" (fight-or-flight), instinct:
passivity/safety/nourishment, physical intelligence, the organism (bios)
2. EMOTIONAL-TERRITORIAL (Power) Mammalian, alcohol,
fighting/politics/pack-forming, vertebrates, right-left, "Toddler Brain"
(rule or be ruled), bias: self-expression/status/power, emotional
intelligence, belief systems (memes).
3. LARYNGEAL-MANUAL (Semantic: Dextero-Symbolic) Paleolithic, Cocaine,
Learning/skill/creativity, hominids, up-down, "Ego Status" (toolmaking),
worldview: attention/cartography/articulation, conceptual intelligence,
conceptual frameworks (theories/metamemes).
4. SOCIO-SEXUAL (Domestic) Civilized, Norepinephrine,
Hive-unity/society/parenting, "Humanity," past-future, "Social Self"
(transmission of culture), ethos: individuation/maturation/socialization,
social intelligence, Codes of ethics (ethos)
5. NEUROSOMATIC , Hedonic, Marijuana, Hedonic Engineering
(Tantra/Yoga/Zen), "Free Fall" (cosmic migration), Linear-Cyclic, "Free
Floating" (the turn on), pleasures: rapture/ritual/charisma, sensory
intelligence, the five senses
6. NEUROELECTRIC (Metaprogramming), Psionic, Peyote,
Neurologic/Precognition/Psi, Intelligence exponentiation, here-there,
"metaprogramming" (awareness of possibilities), perspective: clairvoyance/
reality selection/precognition, psychic intelligence, Central Nervous
7. NEUROGENETIC (evolutionary), Immortal, LSD, DNA awareness/ecological
symbiosis, transgenic, life-death, "collective unconscious" (race memory),
transpersonal: synchronicity/alchemy/astrology, mythic intelligence, DNA
and Gaia (the planet)
8. NEUROATOMIC (metaphysiological), Cosmic, Katamine, Cosmic engineering,
cosmic union, man-cosmos, "extraterrestrial unconscious" (cosmic mind),
being: paradox/dreaming/factor 'X', spiritual intelligence, quantum

Leary does point out that the second four circuits are not active in most
humans, and may require escaping the gravity well of our planet to
For those interested in at least engaging the sixth circuit right here
on Earth, the list LERI@PYRAMID.COM is operating for this function.
For the purposes of this model, I would say that the second circuit is
responsible for (most) meme formation, the third circuit for meme
combination and transmission (e.g. belief systems/doctrines), and the
fourth circuit for erecting cultural systems out of memetic systems.
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