AAA session on electronic discourse

Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:30:22 -0500

Since the call for papers for the 1994 AAA has
shown up in the newsletter, I thought I'd bring
up again the idea of a session on email. I am
willing to organize a session called something like
"Electronic Discourse and Identity" - I think this
is sufficiently broad so that people could talk
about many things. In general, it would cover the
unique aspects of a mode of communication in which
you have no face to face contact. (a la that New
Yorker cartoon last year: dog in front of a computer
with the caption "on the internet no one knows you're
a dog.") Lots of identity markers such as age,
race, class, are conspicuous in their ABSENCE on
internet conversations.

Anyone who is seriously interested in participating
in such a panel, please write me now. If I get
enough commitments in the next couple weeks, I
will plan the session. If not, I'll drop it.

My own paper idea will be something about the quilt
lists I have subscribed to, regarding the issues
that are disputed, particularly. Most arguments
revolve around disagreement over what is appropriate to
talk about in a group devoted to a specific topic.
I find that the issues considered by some to be
inappropriate tend to be those around which there
is much controversy in Amer society anyway - e.g.
in this group of mostly women, motherhood, talking
about babies while also trying to be professional,
etc. are a key topic of dispute. In addition the
ways the quilting-specific stuff is discussed is
supportive, question and answer - there is a certain
style to the way things are discussed.

Send me a quick note directly to my email account
regarding your topic if you want to be involved
in this panel.

I am sending this notice to anthro-l as well as the anthro
and internet discussion list. I do not currently read
anthro-l, so please reply directly.

Carolyn Ybarra