human origins

Wed, 9 Feb 1994 13:51:42 +0800

This is a new one to me on this bulletin board.

I suggest those seriously interested in human origins follow the current debate
taking place in the Southern Hemisphere between Drs Thorne and Groves of the
Australian National University in Canberra and Prof Oxnard of The University of
Western Australia.

The debate concerns the appropriate model of human evolution: a ladder, a bush
or perhaps neither or both. However, around the periphery of the debate, is the
question of place. Certainly the question of whether human evolution (as
against perhaps that of Australopithecus) did actually take place in Africa or
whether "pre-humans" had left Africa before the next evolutionary step has
been raised.

I am only a student so please do not shout too loudly if I have missed the

Bob Kidd
Curtin University
Perth W. Australia