MCMI, new email site and database for archaeology

Sun, 6 Feb 1994 23:44:53 EST

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I thought you might be interested in ours, and in the domain we supervise.
Specifically, MCMI the company (Material Culture Management Inc., CRM
vultures and tech-specialists in and outside archaeology) runs MCMI.COM,
an internet & uucp domain. We are primarily an e-mail site, but are
compiling archaeological data and applications files. Directories and
uuencoded files are available by e-mail request, or dial-up access. At
the moment we are a local forum for discussions on archaeological topics,
but our intent is to provide an electronic publication for like matters,
on a regional scale. Along with an attempt to set up an OAS (Ontario
Archaeological Society) chapter in the region, this may become both a
representation of the local chapter, and an internet node for the OAS
as a whole. Regardless as to how the OAS projects go, the domain is
remaining (as a part of the company), and the e-newsletter is being
developed as I write.

That said, here are the salient details:

MCMI (Material Culture Management Inc.)
Heritage Consultants, 452 Jackson Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1N4.
Tel: 905/525-1240 Fax 905/526-1919 Dial-up 905/526-1657
Administration: JFisher@MCMI.COM
Technician: JMuller@MCMI.COM

Joseph Muller

Relic@MCMI.COM a/k/a Joseph Muller, of Material Culture Management Inc (MCMI)