Re: Culture? "Us" vs "Them"

Stephanie Wilson (swilson@BIGCAT.MISSOURI.EDU)
Fri, 4 Feb 1994 16:19:52 -0600

On Thu, 3 Feb 1994, Read, Dwight ANTHRO wrote:

> That is, the
> definition is of the form: If X belongs to the category culture, then X has
> properties A, B, C ..... It does not allow for the converse statement: If X
> has properties A, B, C.... then it belongs to the category culture.
> D. Read

So are you looking for a set list of traits that all cultures do have?
Something like:
1. Religion or a "weltenschauung" or world view.
a. possible a creation myth?
2. Set of daily customs/traditions...traditional in the sense that
they are passed on, but not inflexible...they can adapt/be exchanged for
new ideas if necessary.
3. Methods of enculturation for the young (i.e. school).

This list could grow exponentially, and probably will knowing the
inclinations of this list.

Is this the type of definition you are looking for? How would you
separate sub-cultures from full cultures? Should social groups that fail
any one of these factors NOT be considered a culture? Would each factor
have to be unique to that culture or could two different cultures share,
say, the relatively same religion?

Back to you,

Stephanie Wilson