Eva M Armstrong (evarmst@EIS.CALSTATE.EDU)
Thu, 3 Feb 1994 19:39:15 -0800

Hi therer: I think since the semester has started, I think I'll jump
in. I don't know how to address this alone. I had to use the rply, so
it just isn't to Ezra, but all of you. I am finally in my last year of
Anthro and wow, I got a heavy duty class. Anthro 481 Contemporary
Anthro. The assignment is to write an extensive paper on a modern
anthrop. Since my other anthro class is on American Indians (North), I
could combine the two. Does anyone out there have any ideas on who to
research? I would like a modern day contemp anthropologiest that is a $5
name rather than a 25 cent name. You know, almost famous or
substantial. Primarily concentrated studies of the North American
Indians. I have small clues, but not a whole lots. Where do I go for
info on the Internet? I have college libraries, but what's on here that
would help? Is there a book out there that lists modern or contemp
anthrop. and their particular discipline. I have to get "into" the
persona in time and space. Do this orally as well as a 20-30 page report
with extensive bibl. Is that enough? I work a full time jobm, with a
family and have this awful assignment and another class. And 107messages
to read. So, anybody?