Request for resumes for a faculty position

Thu, 3 Feb 1994 11:24:00 EST

DIRECTLY TO HER!! Do NOT reply to Lisa Mitten. Thanks.


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From: IN%"af1s+@andrew.cmu.EDU" "Ann M. Follette" 3-FEB-1994 10:51:36.8
Subj: RE: position in NA studies


I work at a major university located in Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania....Carnegie Mellon University. It has long
been my dream to have courses in native american
studies taught here.

Is there a native american person out there who has
a Ph.D. in either native american history and/or literature
and who would like to relocate to Pittsburgh? If so,
please send your resume to me and I will meet with the
Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences to propose this

Thank you,

Ann Follette
Editorial Assistant
Journal of Solution Chemistry
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
phone: (412) 268-3406
bitnet: af1s+@andrew.cmu.EDU