Re: World Cultures

Gregory A. Finnegan (Gregory.A.Finnegan@DARTMOUTH.EDU)
Wed, 2 Feb 1994 11:50:57 EST

My info. re WORLD CULTURES is less current than I'd like, but I can fill in
some background. The journal is not connected to HRAF, but to the
intellectual line of descent from George Peter Murdock via the Univ. of
Pittsburgh, where he finished his career. It is concerned with
number-crunching areas of anthropology. Whereas Pittsburgh's journal
ETHNOLOGY sometimes used to run pages of Ethnographic Atlas data, the
intention of WORLD CULTURES is to go further than other journals by not
merely giving 'usual' articles reporting on quantitative analysis in
anthropology, but to ALSO provide the data and any analytic software, to
allow "readers" to do more than read: you're intended to be able to not only
check the author's conclusions, but to also do new analysis of the data as

Vol. 1 (4 diskettes) is 1985, w/ 4 more for vol. 2/1986. Both were revised
in 4/87; that, I think, pertained to the Macintosh version. They took longer
getting out the Mac version, and at first, at least, it was rougher than the
MS-DOS version. Our prof. who was on ed. bd. left around '87, and we've
received none since (a discoverly spurred by the ANTHRO-L query.)

When we got it, it was published in LaJolla CA and edited at U of Calif. at
Irvine. The current info. from Faxon, the major US serials vendor, is that
it's being published by Analytic Technologies, 306 South Walker Street,
Columbia, SC 29205 USA. That's recorded as a change from former source, "Dr.
[Joseph Patrick?] Gray, Dept. of Anth., U. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee."

The ISSN of WORLD CULTURES is 1045-0564. I think that the library rate, at
least, is $60/yr, tho' that's not on the printout I'm working from in typing

I don't know if WORLD CULTURES has changed much; I plan to inquire this
weeked at a national meeting of anthro. librarians. If I learn anything of
note I'll post it next week.
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