Info on related lists

Wed, 2 Feb 1994 01:46:38 EST

For your edification, there are a number of related listserver lists
and newsfeed services which deal in anthropological topics. This list
is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to tell me about other ones.
To search for lists you might be interested in, mail LISTSERV@UBVM (or
your local listserver) the message LIST GLOBAL /xxxx (substituting the
search string for the xxxx). As usual, send any comments to me at


Generally, to subscribe to a list, send the command SUB list_name
your_name, to LISTSERV@address. If that fails, contact the listowner.
Each list has its own rules about who can join and post, but most are
open to all. General Anthropology Bulletin Board
owner: Hugh Jarvis and Ezra Zubrow antowner@ubvm etc.

ARCH-L@tamvm1.bitnet Archaeology List
owner: David Carlson carlson@tamvm1.bitnet

PAN@gwuvm.bitnet Physical Anthropology News List
owner: Noel T. Boaz boaz@gwuvm.bitnet Cultural Evolution List
owner: Robert J. O'Hara

HUMEVO@gwuvm.bitnet Human Evolutionary Research Discussion List
owner: Noel T. Boaz boaz@gwuvm.bitnet

NATIVE-L@tamvm1.bitnet Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples
owner: Gary S. Trujillo

CROSS-L@uminn1.bitnet Cross Cultural Research in Information
owner: Roberto Evaristo evaristo@umnsom.bitnet

PACARC-L@wsuvm1.bitnet Pacific Rim Archaeology Interest List
owner: Dale Croes croes@wsuvm1.bitnet Archaeological Institute of America List
owner: Nick Eiteljorg

ETHNOHIS@hearn.bitnet General Ethnology and History Discussion List
owner: Fred Melssen u211610@hnykun11.bitnet

HUMANIST@brownvm.bitnet Humantities Computing
owner: Elaine Brennan editors@brownvm.bitnet
owner: Allen Renear editors@brownvm.bitnet

ETHMUS-L@umdd.bitnet Ethno Forum, a Global Ethnomusicology Forum
owner: Karl Signell signell@umdd.bitnet

ETHNET-L@ysub.bitnet Irish & British Ethnographic Research List
owner: Mark Shutes
owner: Lee Komito

ANCIEN-L@ulkyvm.bitnet History of the Ancient Mediterranean
owner: Jim Cocks jacock01@ulkyvm.bitnet

EJVC-L@kentvm.bitnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
owner: Color Categorization List
owner: David Miller damiller@brownvm.bitnet
owner: Robert Moore rmoore@brownvm.bitnet

NEW-LIST@irlearn.bitnet or @ndsuvm1.bitnet New List Announcements

SAS-net ARCHSCI@FANDM Society for Archaeological Sciences List
(for members of SAS primarily, but questions and info are welcome)
owner: Jim Burton


You don't subscribe directly to these "lists". Instead, you must
follow your local operating system regarding newsfeeds.

SCI.ANTHROPOLOGY Anthropology Newsfeed
SCI.ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology Newsfeed
SCI.LANG Linguistics Newsfeed
SCI.ANTHROPOLOGY.PALEO Paleontology Newsfeed


ANN Anthropology News Network (not a list, contact owner for info)
owner: Fred Skanes (Ann Rep)

ANTHAP Applied Anthropology Computer Network
owner: James Dow
access by gopher to