Interspecific Culture?

Tue, 1 Feb 1994 10:14:13 CST

E.A. Mueggler seems to want to say that human culture becomes human-dog
culture when it includes dogtraining; also, perhaps, that dog culture
becomes dog-human culture when it includes human-training? Ah, well, go
to it, E.A.! I would like to stress that my definition of culture is
contrived to accommodate culture among species other than ourselves; but
I am glad that it rules out the interspecific "cultures" of the kind
that Mueggler wants to entertain: Culture is the socially acquired way
of life of a social group [here ends the general definition, and here
begins its elaboration for us hominids], especially an entire society's
(1)interfaces with its physical and social environments, (2)
interactions between members, and (3) interpretations of reality. --Bob

PS: Important note: "Social group" I define as two or more
organisms *of the same species* engaged in patterned interaction.