Product Design Info

Pat Gonzalez (Pat_Gonzalez@QM.SRI.COM)
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 11:00:36 -0700


I am seeking information about the use of anthropology and ethnography in
product design (software, consumer goods, etc). I am aware, of course, of
efforts in private companies by anthropologists such as Bonnie Nardi, Patricia
Sachs, and Jeanette Blomberg, among others. I am also interested in marketing
and consumer-behavior related ethnography, such as that being done by Barbara
Olsen at SUNY (Old Westbury).

I am particularly interested *academic* activties. Can anyone lend insight on:

1. Researchers in anthroplogy depts. doing this research?
2. Titles of papers by anthropologists that discuss product design.

Thank you,

Results will be shared.

Patricia Gonzalez
SRI International