Morocco, etc.--Liminality

Jessie Strader (jes22@COLUMBIA.EDU)
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Hi! I'm a grad in anthro at Columbia -- pleased ta meetcha'.

Liminality, as Victor Turner used it, describes a "threshold state" --
an ambiguous and undefined state typically experienced during a rite of
passage. Marginality, on the other hand, is used to describe individuals
and subgroups living on the fringes of a dominate society. I think
marginal is probably a better descriptor for prostitutes and touts than
liminal, but I'm willing to listen to your argument.

For Morocco, you might check out Rabinow (name of text escapes me at the

I'd like to know more about the applied program over at TC. Any courses
you might recommend?

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On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Seth D Messinger wrote:

> Hello -- My name is Seth Messinger and I am a grad student at Columbia
> University's Teachers College. I am interested in liminality and whether
> it applies to touts and prostitutes etc. My particular interest is in
> Morocco. Does anyone have any ideas about ethnographies or articles
> pertaining to prostitutes (male and/or female), prostitution, and touts?
> I have plenty of sources on the same for Thailand. -- Seth