Re: FW: salary taboo - Thanks

Bruce L. Geisert (bgeisert@LIFESTAT.NET)
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 15:38:31 -0500

>I think it's time for professionals
>to open up a bit, talk about their salaries, and then transform the
>resulting wrath into effective bargaining with their bosses...
>John Bosley
> ----------

Possibly there's a social reluctance in professionals to exchange salary
information due to their own feeling that their salaries are not commiserate
with the work performed. A wide gap exists in the professional world in
salaries for the same level of effort, education, and expereince. (i.e. a
World Bank consultant makes $200 more a day than an AID consultant for the
same job.)

Our "internal" standards of "work" and "effort" are based on an hourly
salaried history, whereas in an information broker environment salaries are
based more on the percieved value of the information. Since it's harder to
place the value on information, we feel less comfortable trying to map
salaries to effort, etc.

Just some ideas...

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