Celibacy: Everyday Presentations

Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:21:00 CST

Here is a refinement of Sexual Preference and Sexism Protest as everyday
explanations for celibacy (in the spouselessness sense). Both of these
can stress either attraction to same sex or repulsion by the opposite
sex. In explaining Mr. X's celibacy, then, someone using the Sexual
Preference form could say either "He likes men," or "He doesn't like
women." Using Sexism Protest to explain her own celibacy, a woman could
say either "I am expressing solidarity with women," or "I am opposing
oppression by men." (My examples go from third-person about a man, to
first-person about a woman, for the purpose of plausibility; and what
sounds plausible for the different forms perhaps is itself worth
considering more closely.) Thanks again to Kathleen Gillogly for the
Sexism Protest type! --Bob Graber