FW: Celibacy and the Skopts

Bosley_J (BosleyJ@ORE.PSB.BLS.GOV)
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 09:28:00 EST

>>Is psychic energy a pie, so that if you use part of it for "sexuality,"
you've got less for "friendship," society-relatedness, or whatever. Is
psychic energy like "limited goods," to be carefully apportioned? Ruby

I was gonna stay out of this but Ruby's post stimulates me to say that I
hope that Don will abandon Freud's psychodynamic model as any kind of
underpinning for his schema. I'm not a Freud-basher...as a matter of fact I
believe that most of the snots who've been "deconstructing" Freud of late
couldn't carry his lunch bucket 5 feet; but his notion of "conservation of
psychic energy" was not one of his intellectual master-strokes I'm afraid...