Re: race in commercials

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 11:22:37 -0500

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995, karl h schwerin wrote:

> Dorothy Cattle's observations about multi-racial ads is on target, but
> they go back much earlier than she remembers ...

> The United Colors of Benetton were using multi-racial billboards when I
> was in Paris in 1986.
We found on the 'Net some kind of Barbie site where we think we saw the
United Colors of Benneton dressing Barbies ... but we're not quite sure
of what we saw. Maybe someone else can search on the word Benneton or
Barbie and rediscover the site. And maybe Richard L. Warms can make some
sense of it.