Xmas Holidays

Hugh W. Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 17:53:15 -0500

I will be away from about the 21st until the 3rd of January, so
please hang in there if you get subscription troubles. FYI, if
you want to change your subscription options, try these commands:

a) set anthro-l mail (established regular mail options)
b) set anthro-l nomail (temporarily stops your mail til you send a)
c) set anthro-l digest (established digested version, one large
message per day)
d) unsub anthro-l (ends your torment... ;-)

send the command to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu (do *not* reply
it to this address, as I cannot do these things for you! ;-) ).

If I don't take the time again, HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY ONE AND ALL!


Hugh Jarvis
Hugh Jarvis...hjarvis@acsu.buffalo.edu