Re: CyberAnthropology

allen lutins (alleycat@SPECTRA.NET)
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 01:55:50 GMT

>As I have mentioned earlier, I am working on a short "ethnography" of the net,
>a survey-type study as opposed to an intensive study at this time. The reason
>I am writing now is that I am interested in knowing how anthropologists and
>anthropology departments generally look on work of this kind. Does an
>ethnography of the net constitute a valid field study? Why/why not? How have
>attitudes changed over the years?

One resource you might want to check out (if you have Web access) is the
CyberAnthropology Home Page
(; if you don't
have Web access, you might write its author, Steve Mizrach
(Seeker1@Anthro.Ufl.Edu) and ask about alternative resources.

-allen lutins