Re: Help with paper

Pauline Shafer (pali@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 16:24:40 -0800

Hi evryone! I'm sorry to have to do this but... I am working on my intense
paper on Korean shamans (note PC discource!) I posted about a while
ago and am using a citation from
the "Encyclopedia of Religion" that Mircea Eliade was editor of. I only
have a xerox of Eliade's article which happened to have a page of the
immediately following article titled, "Siberian and Inner Asian
Shamanism". It is not by Eliade for the author cites Eliade's discussion.
There are key points in it I would like to use but do not know who the
author is. And I am too far from the library to go find out! If anyone
happens to have the appropriate volumn lying about and the time to look
it up I would be forever grateful! Or if anyone knows how to access this
info online, likewise.

Yours in end of the quarter writing frenzy