Re: race in commercials

Jessie Strader (jes22@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 17:41:50 -0500

In response to the IR (interracial) question: I don't think the
portrayal is completely lacking, only sparse. NYC abounds with ads
portraying interracial groups, although these are as C. Sawin-Wilson
observes, not usually family groupings. I thought all IR advertising
would be lacking outside of the culturally-pluralistic East and West
coasts, but proved myself wrong during a trip to Minneapolis last

I was engaged in a favorite "kill a minute" pasttime--drooling over real
estate ads--when I was struck by the ads for several apartment complexes
in the Twin Cities that featured obviously IR family groups cavorting in
their newly leased digs.

It's heartening to see more acceptance of this in the "heartland" than in
the presumably more liberal liberal capital!

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, C. Sawin-Wilson wrote:

> I have certainly noticed how billboard advertisers in many U.S. cities
> use models of different ethnic or "racial" backgrounds to sell their
> products (i.e., black models in black neighborhoods, white models in
> white neighborhoods, etc.). Curiously, I've yet to see a billboard
> advertisement (or tv for that matter) that shows an interracial group of
> people (at least, not as a family or as a couple) what does THAT say?
> Carolyn Sawin-Wilson
> On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, vivian avenstrup wrote:
> > Some comments on race have beenmade lately, and got me pondering...
> > Seiko have a commercial running on Danish TV3 at the moment. The message is
> > smth. like "it takes different people/ nations to make the ultimate product
> > in beauty, quality etc." The models they use are beautiful and the subtext
> > is the origin of both parents. I like this one, but often twitch when I see
> > how race/ ethnicity/ origin is used for commercial purposes.
> > Any opinions out there?
> > Does there exist material on the topic, eg. within anthro. or communication
> > studies?
> > - V. Avenstrup
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