Bosley_J (BosleyJ@ORE.PSB.BLS.GOV)
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 14:49:00 EST

Justine Lucas' post from South Africa was certainly thought-provoking as
well as highly entertaining..Justine, any thoughts about reasons why these
ads are (to me) quite different from ads in other lands, particularly the

I did have a question about an acronym. Justine wrote in part:

" Finally a beautiful black woman notices him, and introduces him to his new
MD - you guessed it, it's the man he asked to park his car. The white man
looks horribly
embarrassed as his MD hands him his keys back, and the ad ends with a
shot of the car, parked IN the fountain, with radio metro music
playing in the background."

Should I understand "MD" to mean "medical doctor" or is there some other
meaning for it?