race in commercials

Wed, 6 Dec 1995 18:47:05 -0600

This is a response to Carolyn Sawin-Wilson
I haven't seen multi-racial commercials either. However, last week I
watched the updated version of Goodbye Birdie on tv and was struck by
the attempt to blend traditional midwest moral values on a story that
had a Black-white couple in the lead and where the high school population
was portrayed as integrated with a sprinkling of oriental and Black faces
mingled with Euro-Americans. Unfortunately the plot was so pathetic that
I couldn't manage to even enjoy the music. Still I wondered if this wasn't
some kind of grafting of 1990's realities on a 1950s story with a message
being something like: Blacks and Orientals can indeed be mainstream
Americans too if they will only stoop to 1950s - the good old days when
life was simple values.

Rob Prince