Re: whither anthropology

hjmartin (hatch@RICHMOND.INFI.NET)
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 09:17:34 -0500

With permission, I re-post this response to 'whither anthropology' from Tim
Wallace (NC State):

>Two comments regarding Maria Swara's reply and Jim Martin's:
>1) U of R probably had no applied anthropologist, no internship program
>and no pre-dissertation/pre-thesis ethnographic field school requirement.
>2) Applied anthropology is as old as any other field of anthropology. If
>one looks at the history of anthropology carefully, the only time there
>was a strong negative associated with it was from the early 70's to the
>mid-80's. Thus, it would be erroneous to suggest that applied
>anthropology is the "wave of the present." Actually, it has always been
>a big wave and will continue to make waves in the future.
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