Deep structures

Mon, 4 Dec 1995 15:36:25 EST

Jana doesn't seem to like deep structures; I feel they are a vital
factor of all life-forms. Chomsky has his 'competence' as a longterm
'level of order' which guides the transformation of energy
(cognition) into short-term 'performance'expressions. Using this same
format, of an awareness of a longterm logic-of-ordering that guides
short-term expressions...comparisons can be made with such as:
Bakhtin chronotope and genre dialogic act
Peirce thirdness firstness, secondness
Aquinas Active Intellect Passive Intellect
Aristotle same..agens intellectus intellectus possibilis
Foucault archive, episteme words, perceptions
Bourdieu habitus daily expression
Greimas figurative model discursive

And what about David Bohm (physics) with his explicatio becoming
implicatio? order enfolding within an actuality. And
Prigogine (chemistry) with his concept of order and 'dissipative
structures'? There are many more; it's hardly unique to any of the Levi-Strauss. It is simply an awareness that there are
factors within life that contribute to both continuity and
dissolution. These forms of behaviour are quite oppositional to each
other, but are both necessary for a healthy organic entity (whether
cell or society).

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